• Name:Volodymyr Kornilov
  • Location:Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Brief:Full stack developer with high graphic design skills and medium 3D-modeling skills. For freelance mostly specialized on promo pages with complex frontend. In general also with skills and experience for big-scale and highload projects.
  • Keywords:frontend, backend, graphic design, HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, VelocityJS, coffeescript, SASS, PHP, Laravel 5, REST, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, redis, vagrant, gulp, GIT, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illutrator, Blender 3D
  • Contacts:mail@terion.name, phone on demand
  • Over internet:upwork, facebook, twitter, linkedin, github, stackexchange
  • Employment:
    • Chief Technology OfficerCB TerritoryJanuary 2011 — July 2015 | Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Chief Technology OfficerBicycle DayApril 2010 — July 2012 | Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Development Lead (part-time)PRODIGIMay 2011 — October 2011 | Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Web Designer, Web Developer4Art studioJune 2008 — April 2010
    • Web Designersovdep.com (browser game)January 2007 — August 2008
Employment status

Currently free and open for freelance. Preferable are promo-like websites with nonstandart frontend, but everything is discussable.
Average rate for frontend: $150 for first page/view, $50 for every next.
Hourly rate (for both frontend and backend): $35
Everything else depends on specific tasks.

Email for work-oriented questions: work@terion.name